energyhive Solar hub

energyhive Solar hub

The energyhive Solar hub delivers a real-time view of home energy generation and consumption 24/7 through a web browser. For an example of the dashboard which puts you in charge of managing your consumption and generation, please click here

Our hub is compatible with Eco-eye's SmartPV system which needs to be installed. If you don't have one you can buy the Eco-eye Transmitter & Clamps, or the Eco-eye SmartPV kit, which include an electricity monitor, from the Eco-eye website.

Please remember to register at

Important UK plug only at this time. Adapter will be required in non-UK countries.

Please note that this product is not compatible with the energyhive temperature or multi sensors.

For non-EU customers the ex-VAT price is £29.15. The VAT portion of your invoice will be deducted when we process your transaction.

If you have a Wattson solar product, we sell a hub which is compatible with that system, and their diversion measurement hardware, Optimersion. As Wattson are no longer trading we cannot support their hardware, but are happy to sell our hub on that understanding. It is available here - please select the Wattson compatible version.