We Make Energy Real

energyhive is a unique service which lets you cost effectively measure and monitor your energy consumption. We believe that it is only when you can see your consumption and compare it to others' that you can change your behavior. Changing behavior and identifying inefficient appliances is what you need to do to reduce your bills - when you see how much electricity your iron consumes you definitely turn it off rather than leaving it on while you chat on the phone! One of our members has replaced his fridge after seeing what was happening overnight.

Just take a look at some of our different dashboards, this could be your home:



To use energyhive you need to buy our hub device (for £29.99) and connect it to a compatible low cost electricity monitoring device. Register your equipment on the site and you are ready to go - you can view your consumption on a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you have the technical skills, are welcome to access our API's and create your own interface to your data and build your own analytic models - please contact us for instructions.

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